What Do You Mean By Term Session In Cricket?

Cricket, also commonly known as Gentlemen’s game, is played with ball and bat in between two teams. So in cricket, you will find two teams of eleven players, some will be batsmen, and some will be bowlers. It is a game that originated in England and Australia, and from there, it went to the whole world.

Now cricket is one of the famous sports with quite a large amount of fan following in the world. So if you ever have watched cricket, you would have noticed the term session during commentary. It is one of the cricketing terms commonly used in the world.

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So if you don’t know about session kaise khele in either format of cricket and are curious, then you have come to the right place. Generally, in cricket, a session is a time period in which cricket is continued without any break. The timing, the break, or the number of overplayed in a session depends upon the format of cricket you are playing.

Session Timings In ODI

So one of the formats of cricket is ODI. It is one of the limited formats of cricket. In ODI, you have two innings in total, which means one inning per team to score maximum runs. Here in this format, each team gets fifty over to bat and bowl. In an inning, there are certain short intervals taken by the team to rest or freshen up, which brings the term session. Hence in ODI, you will find a minimum of three-session or short breaks in an ODI cricket. According to the rule, the breaks are given after 15, 15 and 20 over.

Generally, each team gets a very short break of four to five minutes for the first two sessions in an ODI. But after the third session, the fifty over get completed. This means that one and first inning has over, so break timings are between 25 to 40 minutes. These timings depend upon the umpires of the cricket match and how much time he thinks is sufficient for the team to rest and change.

Session Timing In Test Cricket

The test is the classic version of cricket. It is also the first-ever format in which cricket was played or invented. That is why among all of the other three formats of cricket test is the prestigious one. Here in this format, you will hear a lot about the sessions and their importance. So keep on reading to know everything about the sessions in test cricket. A test cricket match is played for straight five days; it is the original and one of the longest played formats of cricket.

 Here single cricket match is concluded in a total of five days. In a test cricket match, there are a total of three sessions each day, mainly are referred to as morning session, afternoon session and evening session. The test cricket match gets started in the morning and is played till the evening. A total of ninety over are bowled in a test cricket match. The match starts with the morning session, where you will see a total of thirty over spell from the bowling team.

Then after the first or the morning session, a forty-minute break is given, often known as a lunch break. Then after break afternoon session is concluded till the tea break in the evening. Tea break is of about twenty minutes. After that, the final and evening session happens in test cricket. The number of over can vary in the final session according to the weather and the lighting in the late evening. The power of this decision lies in the hand of the cricket match referees.

Why Is Session Timeout Given In Cricket?

Every format of cricket is very competitive, and it is challenging to play cricket at a professional level. Cricket players require stamina and endurance to score runs and field for a full day. Playing cricket is fun, but it is also a tough sport that needs fitness. Therefore, the cricket boards introduced the concept of sessions in cricket to make it a little bit easy for all the players. It is extremely tiring to play cricket without any breaks, so to session provides the player some time off during the game to relax. These shorts break after the session provides the time for all the players to drink water to keep them energetic and prevent dehydration.

Thus these breaks or the session timeout are necessary for cricket to keep all players healthy during a cricket match. Session timeout has a unique importance to the countries with hot climates. Because their visiting team lacks this harsh condition and it is extremely tough for them to play cricket in that countries. The rules of session timeouts vary according to the different formats of the cricket.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Drink Break In Cricket?

The drink breaks are nothing but short breaks that are taken after every session in the cricket. You would often see this short or limited over cricket breaks like ODIs and T-20s. Drink breaks are also used by team to make strategy for the remaining game.

  • How Many Over Are There Is A Session In Test Cricket?

According to the rule by the ICC, there are total of thirty over in a session in a test match. The umpire decides the number of over inning, so the final decision is with him.

  • What Time Lunch Break Is Taken In Test Cricket?

Lunch break is taken in cricket after the first session of thirty over in test cricket. So the time depends upon the time taken in completion of the morning session. But generally, the lunch break can happen around 11:30 to 11:50 AM.

  • How Many Drink Breaks Are Allowed In One Day Cricket?

In ODI, each team gets two drink breaks. Also, you cannot call drinks to break after continuous over in cricket. Therefore, there should be a minimum gap of one hour between two drink breaks.

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