PCB CEO ‘regrets’ using inappropriate words for sports journos

Pakistan Cricket Board CEO Wasim Khan has regretted that he went over the line in one of his recent interviews while speaking about sports journalists’ criticism of him.

On Saturday, the PCB CEO had used the word “circus” while speaking in a virtual interview on YouTube. He said that he was being criticised on personal stuff, rather than on his performance as the board’s head.

“On reflection, my selection of words and the tenor was inappropriate, which I regret. The continued and unending tirade against me based on my loyalty and commitment to Pakistan cricket took its toll on me,” Wasim Khan said.

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Several Pakistani ex-cricketer and journalists have been criticisn the PCB for putting Wasim in-charge of the board. They claim that Wasim, who has spent most of his life in London, doesn’t know enough about Pakistan’s cricket and also is not deserving to land the job when other former players could have been given his spot.

Without naming a particular journo, Wasim asked: “One particular journalist talks about this every time, his two children are studying in the UK as well. If he is so patriotic that he is accusing me, why are his children still in the UK?”