Guide To India Online Betting With Paytm

Do you know how to deposit funds for your sports betting in India? Well, you can fund your sports betting account with Paytm. The option is not only possible but also very easy!

Paytm is a well-known e-wallet and the most popular mobile payment method in Indian. It’s an accepted payment method by most Indian online betting sites and casinos. In this article, we will focus on Paytm gambling. 

Over the past few years, Paytm has become the largest online payment platform in India. So, the system boasts hundreds of millions of customers each day, including sport better.

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Welcome to the guide to Paytm gambling. Thus, gamblers looking for a payment platform that meets all the needs for online betting in Indian should look no further. In fact, the payment system is being used by tons of online slots sites and betting platform-offering services that can be used in your daily Indian life.

paytm gambling

Read along to learn more about;

  • What is Paytm gambling?
  • How to deposit and withdraw with Paytm?
  • Paytm Betting Sites
  • How to Sign Up to Paytm?

First, find out the top Paytm betting sites in India right now:

Best betting sites in India with Paytm

The following is a breakdown of some of the most reputed and well-known sportsbooks that accept Paytm as a payment option. Sign up for an account and choose Paytm as the payment method. Also, you can deposit and access your money.

1. 10CRIC

10CRIC offers great sports betting. As a result, it’s a top class Indian betting site brings you; ₹15,000 EXTRA for a deposit of ₹10,000, Fast deposit and withdrawals with Paytm and great betting on real cricket games.

2. Betway

Players in India get a 100% Up to ₹60,000 Welcome Bonus, 13 bonuses of up to ₹60,000, a sports bonus and a ₹200 minimum deposit.

Even better, you get a faster deposit and withdrawal with Paytm.

3. 22BET

22Bet has some of the best offers. Sports gambling offers a 100% first deposit bonus of Rs.10000 and supports the PayTM payment method.


Casumo has taken Indian gambling to a whole new level with an interactive and immersive online betting experience. Therefore, with your first deposit, get a generous 100% deposit bonus up to a maximum of ₹50,000. Even better, Casumo accepts the PayTM payment method.


ComeOn is not only a loved gambling experience it delivers in Indian but its Paytm payment method option As a result, the betting platform offers a minimum deposit of ₹200 for sports betting, coupled with a generous welcome offer of up to 100% Up to ₹10,000.

Additional online betting with Paytm

Parimatch India  

  • MAX BONUS ₹210000
  • Minimum Deposit ₹300
  • PayTM Localised payment methods


  • WELCOME OFFER 100% Up To ₹8,000
  • Nice live betting feature
  • Deposit with Paytm


  • WELCOME OFFER 100% Up To ₹8,000
  • Excellent collection of popular sports; football, cricket, rugby, etc
  • Pay with Paytm

Why online betting with Paytm payment?

Why use the Paytm online wallet on a betting site? You ask. Here, Paytm offers a very convenient and fast option to deposit and withdraw money on a betting site. Besides, Indian players have everything to be happy about Paytm as the best deposit method; here is why?

  1.  Payam is incredibly convenient to use.
  2. The payment method is available all across the country.
  3. Paytm allows users to send minimal amounts.
  4. You don’t need a bank account to use Paytm.

In addition, Paytm is a very secure online payment option. The Reserve Bank of India regulates the platform. As a result, your money is always in the safe hand when you use Paytm.


  •  No deposit fees on a betting site.
  • Deposit and withdraw in local currency.
  •  Safe and secure (regulated by the RBI).

On the downside, expect a 4% fee on withdrawals to personal banks with Paytm. Therefore, the platform runs strict verification and KYC procedures, which may take some time.

How to Deposit on a Betting Site with Paytm?

Now you have a general overview of Paytm and betting sites that support the payment method, let’s find out how to use the system.

Here is how to use this platform to fund your betting account.

It’s effortless to deposit money into your account with Paytm.

Open an account

Open an account with Paytm to access a wide range of beautiful features.  Download the Paytm app for the best possible experience. Besides, you can use Google play store for android device or app store for iOS devices.

Still, you can sign up from the Paytm website. Thus, the platform is available in English and 10 other local Indian languages. Then, select your preferred language before starting your registration.

Deposit money with Paytm

Super convenient to deposit money with Paytm.

Click “Create a New Account” accessible from the welcome page to start registration, or sign up from the PayTM website.

You need your phone number, email address to set up a password. For verification, Paytm will send a onetime password (OTP) to the phone number provided.

Enter the OTP to continue. In the next section, enter your first name, last name and date of birth. Then click “create account”.

Cheers: You have created a brand new Paytm account ready to use.

Verify your Paytm account

To take full advantage of Paytm account functions and benefits, you must verify your identity.

Your Paytm account should be able to;

  • Fund your wallet,
  • Deposit on betting sites,
  • Do online transactions with PayTM merchants.

Until you complete the “Know Your Customer” verification, you won’t be granted access to some services. Thus, to send money to another Paytm wallet or bank account, you must have KYC verification.

But, there are two options to complete the KYC verification. However, either do it yourself or request a Paytm agent to come to your location for it.

Thus, visit a KYC centre nearby to complete the process.  

You need to present several verification documents. They include your;

• Aadhaar Card,

• Voter ID card or PAN card.

Note; Full KYC increases your PayTM limits.

Fund Paytm wallet

It’s pretty easy to fund a Paytm wallet. But, you need some money in your e-wallet to deposit on any betting account in Indian.

  1. Log into your Paytm account (use phone number and password)
  2. Click “Add Money” from your home page.
  3. Enter the amount and click “Add Money”.
  4. Paytm will ask the mod of the transaction. (use Bank Account, Debit Card, Credit Card, Netbanking or BHIM UPI to transact).
  5. Select a mode of transaction and click “Pay Securely.”

Remember, with a debit card; you will fill in your details. Moreover , the bank account information will be requested for bank transfers. On the other hand, UPI details will be required to pay with BHIM UPI.

  1. Once you “Pay Securely”, you’ll receive an OTP in your phone to allow the transaction.

As a result, your Paytm e-wallet will be credited right away. In addition, on your Paytm home page, you can view your wallet balance and recent transactions by clicking “passbook.”

Deposit using Paytm on a betting site


With money in your Paytm e-wallet, you can deposit some cash into your betting account.

You can only use this service with bookmakers that accept Paytm.  In fact, Paytm is the most popular payment method in the betting scene in India. Also, they expect the platform to be a very significant resource shortly. 

For example;

How to deposit into 1xbet using Paytm?

1xBet is the popular betting site in Indian that accepts Paytm transfer. The bookmaker has much excellent quality, such as a massive sportsbook and vast betting options.  Besides, you can bet on over 1000 events on 1xBet each day.

All you need to do to use Paytm with 1xBet is select the deposit method, deposit some money, and start betting. Simple aah!

The process works “pay the money into a 1xBet Paytm wallet”, then request the money to be transferred into the 1xBet account. You can deposit 500 Indian Rupees to 10000 Rupees with a Paytm wallet.

How to withdraw from Indian betting sites accepting Paytm?

How do you withdraw your winnings using Paytm? As noted above, deposits with Paytm are a piece of cake. Therefore, using this payment method is the most superficial aspect of sports gambling online.

But, withdraw can be a little tricky! Nevertheless, you must strict with Paytm when accessing your winning online betting sites.

In fact, betting sites in India have different withdrawal fee. But, the same places charge nothing when accepting your money. Therefore, start by checking all the conditions of withdrawals stipulated by the betting site.

The major advantage of withdrawing your winning with Paytm is fast processing. As a result, you will receive your fund within 24 hours of the withdrawal request. 

Paytm deposit betting sites: Privacy & confidentiality


Paytm is under strict regulation by the Reserve bank of India. But, the strict IT laws and regulation ensures the security of your data and money. Moreover, the betting site you use might not play or operate within the same rules, most fall under European GDPR-laws, which are good.  

Paytm offers a highly private transaction process, robust security backed by the top of the line 128-bit SSL encryption technology. As a result , the SSL encryption and real-time monitoring protect your account from hacking or data steal.

Paytm payment and transaction are secure, forming one of the largest payment providers in India. But, that alone forms a solid and legitimate indication. Moreover, the payment is fully integrated with the RBI UPI portal, making it even safer. Also, you won’t find a local Indian payment method as secure as this one.

Besides, you can only make a transaction via Paytm once logged in and with an OTP available to you only.

Remember, the OTP is sent to your registered phone number. However, without an OTP, you can’t complete a transaction.

More about Paytm gambling

Today Paytm has over 7 million merchants, thus it is difficult to find a betting site that does not accept it as a valid payment option.

The company is based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and over the years, it has been considered the best in the market. But, this award-winning payment method leads the market of India with great online wallets.

Today, this ever-expanding and tremendously innovative payment option has solved tons of online payments experienced by gamblers across the country.

In 2020, Paytm will become the first payment method to use and utilize QR code scan in India. However, the payment method spans another aspect of our lives, such as bills payment, booking a flight, bus tickets or even buying cryptocurrency online.

As a result, of sport bettors across the country, Paytm puts up excellent offers, discounts and tons of benefits that you can profit from.

Currently, Paytm harbours over 200 million downloads with over 100 million active users in India. In fact, this boosts a solid online betting backing that is secure and reputable.


Can I withdraw money from a betting site using Paytm?

Yes, it is possible to withdraw your winnings using Paytm from a betting site that accepts the option.

Very simple!  Paytm doesn’t charge anything to make a withdrawal.  Therefore, the whole process takes from 5 minutes to 3 hours for the finds to appear in your Paytm wallet.

Paytm is the right payment option for betting sites to deposit and withdraw in Indian.

Is it legal to transact with Paytm on the abetting site?

Yes, it is legal to move money around betting sites in Indian using Paytm. You can deposit and withdraw money using Paytm.

Nevertheless, you may experience some restrictions about betting sites in Indian, but they do not affect money movement.  But, Paytm is legal on betting sites as long as you transact in rupees.

What is the maximum you can transact with Paytm on a betting site?

With Paytm, you can deposit a maximum of Rs. 10,000 on your favourite betting site. That the top sites accept.

Therefore, Paytm may not be a good option for high rollers who want to transfer large sums of money each day. 

The minimum amount you can transact with Paytm is 100 rupees on most betting sites. With Paytm, you can quickly get started on betting with any place you love.  Paytm seems to favour those looking to transfer smaller amounts.