Ollie Robinson faces suspension from international cricket

England right-arm fast-bowler Ollie Robinson has been barred from playing international cricket by the England and Waled Cricket Board over his racist tweets.

Twitter went berserk when Robinson’s tweets, which he posted nine years ago when he was 18, resurfaced when he was playing NZ at the Lord’s Cricket Stadium on his debut.

What was meant to be one of the most memorable days of his life soon took a U-turn for the bad.

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He apologised mid-game and clarified that he is now not the same person as he was back then.

His scrutiny also left the fans divided. Some felt that he should not represent England after his racist and sexist tweets were revealed, while others felt that it is harsh to grill him over his antics of when he was 18.

Nonetheless, the ECB has now suspended him from tasting international glory until a disciplinary committee completed its investigation into the matter.

Speaking on Robinson’s scenario, England captain Joe Root said: “He addressed the dressing room straight away. He obviously spoke to you guys and other media outlets straight away, fronted up to it. He showed a lot of remorse from that point onward. You can see it’s very genuine from how he’s been around the group and the team.”