Learn All The Basics Of One Of The Popular Sport Cricket

Cricket, a sport that consists of two teams of eleven players each, is one of the most popular sports globally, and it’s been around for centuries. It has taken over countries such as India and Pakistan, and it has become the most widely followed sporting league in many countries around the world, including England.

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Why is Cricket so popular? Well, firstly, because it’s a great game to play on an uneven surface. It’s also fast-paced with an element of unpredictability and, at times, tense moments that make you jump from your seat. This makes Cricket a great spectator event, too, as you never know what might happen next. And all this makes Cricket a great sport as not only are you watching the game, but you’re enjoying every bit of it too. Another reason Cricket is so popular around the world is that it’s a game played by both sexes, a rare occurrence in many games.

Of course, there is also another part of why Cricket has become so popular in different countries, and that’s because it was introduced to them by the British Empire. It crossed over to other countries as they were colonies of Great Britain, and then it became well-known when these countries became independent from Britain. The game has grown from there, now it’s a global phenomenon.

Some Basic Rules Of Cricket

Basic Rules Of Cricket

So, first of all, to start playing any game or sport you should know about its rules and regulation. Cricket is one of the popular team sport which has a huge fan following from all over the world. Cricket is a game you can play with your friends for fun and entertainment. You do not need to worry about kaise khele cricket because it is easy to understand and play. To get started with Cricket and its basics, below are some common rules that any beginner should know.

Cricket is a game played with the ball and bat. So you should follow these common rules to play Cricket properly to have maximum fun with your friends.

  • In Cricket, you can hit the ball with the only bat; you should not use any other part of your body while batting. This is because you can hurt yourself as the ball is heavy and use any other body part while hitting the ball.
  • The bowler can bowl out the batter in many ways, such as taking the catch, running him out by LBW, or hitting the ball straight into the stumps while bowling.
  • The bowler cannot throw the ball from outside of the crease, a line drawn at the bowling to limit the bowler’s run.
  • The bowler cannot throw the underarm bowl. Here in Cricket, the ball is thrown by rotating your hand in a circle to get a proper bowling delivery. 
  • The bowler must complete him over without taking any break.

These are some very basic rules that you should remember every time you khel Cricket with friends. The rules are the set of instructions on playing any kind of sports. Thus to see if both Cricket teams are following rules, there is an umpire in a cricket match. All the decisions, from giving a batsman out to giving four runs to a team, lie in his hands. He has the power to send any player out of the field if he finds his actions undisciplined for a cricket match.

What Is the Aim Of Each Team In Cricket?

Cricket is played between two teams, each having eleven players on their sides. There are batsmen, bowlers, all-rounder, and a wicketkeeper in a cricket team. So each team in Cricket aims to score higher runs than their opponent team. So the team which successfully chase their target or defends their total runs is announced as the winner of that cricket match.

Cricket is a very competitive game that needs good coordination among all the team players. Both teams in a cricket match aim to score more runs than the other team. The batting side, usually the home side, sets out to bat and score as many runs as possible while fielding restrictions apply. The batting team continues to bat until they have exhausted their quota of overs. They will have a different role depending on whether they are batting in the first innings or the second innings of the match:

In the first innings, they will priorities scoring as many runs as possible by making safe hits and not being run out. Once their score has reached 100 for 0, for example, higher-scoring batsmen will only be replaced by lower-scoring batsmen from the batting side who can knock off runs from that score.

The bowling side’s primary objective is to get rid of this batting line-up r by making them out. The bowling team also tries not to give many runs to the batting team. By having a slower striker rate, the pressure gets onto the chasing team to score run faster than before to achieve the target. The bowling team can also win either if they all out the team or the batting team can’t chase their target at the end of the inning.

How is Cricket played In sessions?

A session is a time duration when Cricket is played without any break or interruption. An innings of Cricket has a limited number of overs in it. So there are three different formats of Cricket, test cricket, One-day internationals and T-20s.  If you are a fan of watching Cricket, you would have noticed that the rules of sessions vary according to the format. Like in a test match, you will find three sessions in a day. After every three sessions, the team gets a break to rest, commonly referred to as tea and lunch break. The breaks given here are 20 and 40 minutes. So the players get enough time to relax and rest to continue with the match with proper energy.

But whereas in other shorter or limited-overs formats such as T20s and ODI, you would not find such long breaks. In limited cricket matches, the players get short drink breaks to refresh themselves. The session here contains 15 to 20 overs maximum. Thus, Cricket is played within the session to give players some short breaks during the game to rest and build strategies to win. So aap kaise cricket kheloge , its depend upon how much you have understood about this game.