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    Guide To Playing Keno Online In India

    Ready to try keno online in India; check out our expert guide. It will get you up to speed with the latest keno games types, place to bet, bonus to claim and much more. Become an instant keno expert with us and play for massive progressive jackpot in India today.

    Play and Win at Keno Online in 2021

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    Wondering what’s keno online. Well, it’s an online lottery-style casino game, trendy in India.   Online keno is a mix of both a lottery and bingo. Keno is simple to learn and, like a traditional lottery game, has some mega progressive jackpot on offer. However, the price to be won runs up to several crores. To play, you bet which numbers will win. It’s no surprise that keno 24/7 is loved and played online by many players all over India

    They mark winning bets on the screen while the numbers are down using a random number generator (RNG). 

    In this post, we will teach you-

    1. Keno online basic of the game;
    2. How to play online keno in India;
    3. Which types of keno strategy can come in handy;
    4. Where can you claim the biggest keno bonuses?


    What Is Keno?

    In keno, players select a combination of numbers in the hope they get generated by an automated selector. The game originates from China and spread all over the world, including the Indian subcontinent. Funds derived from the match financed the significant wall constriction. Today, lotto games fund charity programs such as infrastructure, education among others all over the world.

    The online keno prizes on offer significantly differ at various sites.   For example, you can play at an online casino in India with a progressive jackpot.  If you hit many of the numbers, the cash rewards can be life-changing.  However, with keno online, don’t set your expectations too high. Remember, the odds of hitting all the 20-keno numbers to play is overwhelming 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320!

    Keno numbers to play are random. It’s similar to the outcome of the fan-favourite Fortune Wheel. Some players claim to have keno algorithms in India that can predict the following keno numbers to play. Nevertheless, that’s just a hoax. There’s no way to know for sure.

    Best Online Casinos to Play Keno in India

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    Elements of Keno Online Game

    What to look for when you play keno online in India:

    Keno Card

    A keno online card refers to the grid of numbers that pop up in the game lobby. Keno numbers to play are like a lottery ticket in terms of layout and function. Thus, you see numbers from 1 to 80. However, the standard keno card runs 8 by 10.

    When you play keno online, use the mouse to select which numbers you want.

    Play Table

    The paytable shows the current payout level in case you hit specific numbers. For example, if you wager $1 and select 10 keno numbers to play, luckily, you hit all 10 numbers; you’ll win a whopping $10,000.

    However, the payout tends to change per keno online casino sites. Hence, be sure to review the current payout before you place a wager.

    Usually, play tables have 2 columns- one for the keno numbers to play matched with payout level on the second column.

    Quick pick

    It’s a standard feature with most online keno sites. Quick pick selects randomly “x” amount of numbers for you instead of manually picking yourself. Remember, keno numbers to play are random. It doesn’t matter how you like them, so the quicker, the better. Thus, quick pick offers a speedier way of selecting the numbers. In fact, most casino lottery games have a quick pick option. 

    Note, there’s no statistical benefit or disadvantage of using Quick Pick other than picking the number yourself.

    Bet Selector

    Online keno tends to have a box somewhere on the screen that allows you to adjust the wager.  As a result, you can increase or decrease using arrows on either side of the box. Thus, the Pay Table should adapt to your preference.


    How Do You Play Keno Online?

    Keno is one of the most accessible casino games in India. 

    Here’s how to play keno online:

    Step 1: Choose your game

    There are several types of keno games online. Choose the one you want to play. You can play regular keno. Or try other versions of keno such as:

    • Monkey Keno
    • KenoLab
    • Jackpot Keno

    No matter what keno lottery version you choose, you can win a huge progressive jackpot.

    Step 2: Keno numbers to play

    Pick your favorite numbers. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind what number you pick, try the lucky dip-style “quick pick.” The option selects a random number quickly. Keno numbers range from 1 to 80, and you can pick a combination of 4 to 20 digits. In fact, the more numbers you hit, the more significant the prize. However, it’s common to hit a handful of numbers rather than a lot.

    Step 3: Choose the wager and ticket type

    With the keno lottery, the higher the stake, the higher the potential payout. Types of the ticket include:

    • Way ticket- spilt the action into separate groups on a single ticket.
    • Combos create multiple groups using the exact numbers, like in a horse race action.
    • King ticket- circle a single number. Thus if it hits, ramp up your winnings.

    Step 4: Wait and watch keno live results

    After doing the above, sit back and watch the numbers roll in. lucky you’ll walk away with a profit.

     How to Win at Keno?

    So how can you win at the online keno lottery? Try our top tips and strategy below!

    H3 What’s your best keno strategy?

    The best keno lottery strategy is starting with a small amount until you get used to the game.  For example, a 5 spot offer will offer the lowest odds but an often payout.  Hence, a good starting point. Some Indian players tend to look for patterns in keno that help formulate a strategy for the next round.

    Additional strategy includes:

    Figure Out The Payout Ratios

     Each online casino in India has its payout ratio with the keno lottery. Thus, before you wager, play the projected ratio to decide on your betting strategy. For example, there is a difference between 9 of 15 numbers vs hitting 9 of 17.

    Work Up From The Minimum

    Start by wagering the minimum amount allowed by the site. As your win increases, you bet. In case you lose, it decreases

    Betting The Same Numbers

    Keno lottery is a game of chance. Thus, it doesn’t matter what number you pick. But, some players feel that betting on the consistency of the exact number increases their chances of winning. Truth is, there is no mathematically guaranteed approach to winning more in keno online.

    Know the Best Keno Numbers Combinations

    The number you pick in online keno alters your outcome. What are the odds of hitting a five-spot (1 in 4.287) and the odds of hitting a keno 10 spot (1 in 253.801)? From here, you can settle on the combination of the number that works for you.

    Find best keno odds

    Online casinos in India wildly offer different odds. For example, a casino offers a house edge of around 5%, while another goes as high as 35%. Thus, hunt for the best keno payouts before you settle on a site.

    Play free keno online?

    Why not play keno free at an online casino in India? As you master the game, you will figure out the luckiest number to win keno online– or even notice quick pick works better for you.

    How We Pick the Best Keno Online Casinos?

    How do you know which keno online sites deserve your time?   Find out the best online keno casino in India!

    A secure and trustworthy site

    Safety is the number one feature. Thus, each online keno casino you choose is 100% safe and trustworthy. Make sure the site has a current gambling license. In addition, review the site history for suspicious aspects.

    The above-recommended online casinos in India are marked as safe and trustworthy.

    Excellent selection of online keno games

    There are plenty of different versions of keno games. The best online casino in India should offer diverse odds, betting options, and designs. In fact, the more variation a casino offers, the better.

     Promotions & bonuses

    Play at keno online casino with tons of special offers. Whether it’s a welcome bonus or daily offers for existing customers, choose a site that has plenty of deals. 


    Play Live Keno online

    Live keno is quite standard with Indian punters, with keno live results. You can find the best online in India that offers live keno alongside regular ken titles.



    How do you play keno?

    To play keno, select numbers up to 15 numbers in a range of 1-80. Then a random number generator (RNG technology) draws 20. In keno online; the payout rate fluctuates based on how many numbers you picked. For example, if you bet on 1 number, verse 15 gives y greater odds.

    How do you play the keno lottery?

    It’s Easy to play keno online! First, decide how much to play per bet. They draw keno lottery several times a day. At each draw, you pick 20 Keno numbers at random from 80, and one Multiplier number out of 1.5, 2, 3, 5 and 10. If enough of the Keno numbers you’ve played come up, you’re a winner!

    How to win keno lottery?

    Keno online is like a lottery, which means you can’t guarantee you’ll win every time–but you can read our expert guide and follow our top tips.