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Diamond Exchange Features

  • Live casino
  • Slot games
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Tennis

Diamond Exchange Information

    Diamond Exchange India’s Best and Trusted Online Betting Site 

    In the Indian betting market, you will come across the term diamond exchange! So, what is a diamond exchange? Diamond Exchange is a local cricket exchange platform where Indians can place online bets. In the diamond exchange platform, you place bets with the help of an offline bookie. Besides chances, you can access all cricket news and updates via the diamond exchange app.

    This post will guide you to learn everything about diamond exchange, the diamond exchange app, and how to bet on the platform.

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    What is a diamond exchange?

    Diamond exchange is one of the most trusted online betting platforms in India. The site mainly offers punters in all kinds of casino games as well as sports betting. You can play poker, rummy, roulette, or even cricket.

    This is a great gambling site for Indian cricket lovers. The platform offers a wide range of sports betting. Nevertheless, this would not be the reason you choose the Diamond exchange. Yet, the sports betting option is decent. It’s not nearly as good as their online casino.

    For an incredible cricket betting experience, check out some of the best betting sites and casinos all over India. Thus, you would be better off signing up for platforms such as Betfast. But, for the best all-around online casino in India, Diamond exchange is the place to be! In fact, it doubles as a cricket information centre and a betting platform. 

    About Diamond exchange in India

    diamond exchange

    In India, Diamond exchange provides virtual coin-based online betting.  As an online betting site, you can place bets and earn money without any fear and boundation.   But, Diamond exchange isn’t your regular betting partner! 

    The best thing about Diamond exchange betting is the availability of local bookies, especially cricketing. Moreover, you can use the platform from anywhere in your home, office, or your room as well.  In addition, the platform provides many of the games in one single place for easy accessibility.

    Top games at Diamond exchange include:

    • Worli Matka
    • Instant Worli
    • Lottery
    • 3 card judgment
    • Binary
    • Virtual sports
    • Live casino
    • Slot games
    • Cricket casino
    • Football
    • Tennis
    • Cricket
    • Boxing
    • Motorsports
    • Kabaddi
    • Andar bahar
    • 20-20 Dragon Tiger
    • Baccarat
    • Lucky7
    • Teen Patti
    • 20-20 Cricket Match
    • Casino Meter
    • Casino War
    • Test TeenPatti
    • One day teen Patti
    • 20-20 Teen Patti
    • Poker
    • Lottery

    And many more games.


    Well, Diamond exchange games are available with a 100% payment guarantee. To get started, you need a diamond exchange.com account.

    How diamond exchange works

    Diamond exchange adds some extra thrill and adventure to your sport and betting life. It’s your go-to partner when you make a huge gamble. Nevertheless, to earn some real cash without any stress, think of the Diamond exchange.  In addition, you can win some money with Diamond Exchange.  All you need to do is learn how to place a bet correctly.

    Let’s teach you how to start betting with Diamond Exchange.  


    How the website function?


    To get started with Diamond Exchange, there are four crucial steps to follow.   What are the steps to follow to get started with the diamond exchange betting platform?

    Diamond exchange four easy steps

    First, connect with diamond exchange via their WhatsApp number provided on the site. http://diamondexchangeindia.com/. Therefore, just drop a message there.

    Second, after connecting with the exchange diamond vial, the WhatsApp number is given. They will contact you to gather all the information about the app.  In addition, you can in-depth details of what they do, how it works, and procedures to get started on the websites.

    Third, when convinced about the site, you can start depositing the money and, after winning, withdraw the money.

    Fourth, before you place any bet, read and understand all the rules and regulations. Besides, you must observe the terms and conditions.

    How to create diamond exchange id?

    Online betting ID; Like the banking sector, you need a baking ID to access your account. Likewise, to initiate online betting with Diamond exchange, you owe the site a betting ID. As a result, you can have more fun and entertainment and money safely and transparently.

    Besides, to create a betting account online, you need a username and generate a password.  In this case, the diamond exchange does it for you.  The website sends you a betting ID and password via your email account that you provided when interacting with their executives.

    Therefore, you must use that online betting ID to access your account and place a bet online.

    Diamond exchange offers several account IDs.  GET RIGHT NOW DIAMOND EXCHANGE ID. They include:

    Diamond exchange betting ID

    • User Demo ID
    • MDL, DL Demo ID


    All IDs Are Available Here With ( 0% Deposit  )

    • Super Master ID (SMDL)
    • Master ID (MDL)
    • Dealer ID (DL)
    • User ID (UI)

    We Are Providing White Label Solution

    •  Super Admin ID (SASMDL)
    • Admin ID (ASMDL)
    •  Super Master ID (SMDL)
    •  Master ID (MDL)
    •  Dealer ID (DL)
    •  User ID (UI)

    With a white label solution for diamond exchange, you can create unlimited master and dealer ids with unlimited coins. As a result, it will be your logo and your site


    What Is Diamond Exchange Id?

    A diamond exchange ID is trendy among punters in India. Why? Typically, it’s used to sell sport id. Besides, many sites offer the Virtual Master id and demo id of diamond exchange in India.

    With a diamond exchange demo ID, you can access and operate the panel anywhere and anytime. In addition, there are no restrictions on any type of game.  Thus, you can bet on all games and sports with id without any fear. 

    The diamond exchange demo id assures you to get 24/7 customer support for registration to create a betting account.  But, the support WhatsApp number is provided on the site.

    Diamond exchange master ID

    What about the diamond exchange master id? The master ID is the way to bet on sports and games all over inside. Moreover, with betting enthusiasts and that’s the place from where this master demo ID word originated.

    Indian punters can place bets on sport using virtual coins. As a result, you don’t need real cash with a diamond exchange master id. 

    The major benefit of using these betting IDs is that you can learn how to bet on live games without losing a single penny. All you need is a master or demo id of betting with the diamond exchange. Yet, you don’t have to invest any real cash until you master the skills and strategy to win.

    Thus, users can bet on live sport while experiencing live betting awesomeness by using the virtual coin.  Hence, relax and bet on sport with 24/7 assist.

    Diamond Exchange 9 Login- Bet On Cricket

    Diamondexch (also known as Diamondexch9) is a superb betting platform. You can bet on all cricket events using a diamond exchange. The DIAMOND EXCHANGE 9 is the current version of the diamond exchange. Try your hand at the platform, and you might like it.

    However, you can try other diamond exchange alternatives in India if the option doesn’t suit you. Thus, you can bet on cricket events using Diamondexch9.

    Diamond Exchange gives you some cricket odds. In fact, the odds signify how much you stand to win if the bet you place wins.

    For example, with 100 rupees, you can bet on “Delhi Capitals to beat Mumbai Indians” at 1.72 odds. So, when you win, you get back 172 rupees. That is 100 rupees of your original stake and 72 profits on your stake.

    On the same, place a bet on Mumbai Indians with a 2.10 odds to win. As a result, they win. You get back your 210 rupees; 100 rupees is your original bet, and 110 rupees are your winnings. Simple! Right?

    In case of a loss, you end up losing the amount you had bet-100 rupees. Diamond exchange odds don’t how much money you’d lose if you place a bet on the extended team.


    How To Place Bets Using Diamond exchange?

    1. Login to your Diamondexch9 account.
    2. Click on the menu icon in the top left corner of your screen, and scroll down until you find ‘Cricket.’
    3. Choose the one you want to bet on among the several cricket matches.
    4. Click on the bet you want to make.
    5. Choose your stake and click on ‘Place Bet.’
    6. Congratulations! You’ve successfully placed your first bet on Diamondexch.



    Why is Diamond exchange website better than the others? 

    Why would you want to place a bet with a diamond exchange? There are a few notable reasons the website is better than other online betting websites in India.

    The reasons include-


    Diamond exchange is easily accessible. Besides, the platform works well on every device such as mobile, computers, and tablets. All you need is to access the diamond exchange login page. In case you encounter an issue regarding the betting process, contact the platform immediately. In fact, they have one of the best customer support systems.


    The diamond exchange platform hosts a vast pool of Indian players. Besides, all the players must satisfy themselves and collect all information. As a result, all players are real, so there is no need to worry about playing against an AI as everyone is verified.


    Diamond exchange websites and apps are 100% transparent. In case of double, check the leaderboard anytime. Too, review previous bets and learn from past mistakes. Yet, the amount of money you earn over time can be limited on the website.

    Very legal

    Everything with diamond exchange websites is very legal. When placing bets with the platform, remember all ativi9es are entirely legal Thus, you can bet without the thought of doing something against the Indian betting laws.

    Fair play

    Diamond exchange encouraged fair play among bettors. All players must play fair or get banned from the platform. As a result, the platform excludes players who have suspicious activities against their terms and conditions.

    Beware of fraud

    Note: Diamond exchange never deals on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They only get in touch with players through WhatsApp. Thus, avoid anyone who contacts you using the platform name other than their official WhatsApp number. In addition, the website will not be responsible for the loss. Check additional information here https://k9inr.com/

    Suspension or Ban

    As soon as the diamond exchange executives in India notice any suspicious betting with your account, it will be suspended.

    How to fund a diamond exchange casino account?

    Diamond exchange several deposit options you can use.  So, once you have signed up with diamond exchange, you need to choose a preferred deposit option.  Otherwise, you can start betting without it.

    While placing a bet from India, deposit options are limited. However, you can use any of the listed options below.

    • Debit cards
    • Credit cards
    • ecoPayz
    • Neteller
    • Skrill
    • Entropay
    • Astropay
    • Neosurf

    Debit/credit cards are the simplest deposit options. But, it might not work all the time. In case it declined the transaction, consider other options above.

    Diamond Exchange Customer Service

    Diamond Exchange just a call away from you, Whenever you need help related to websites, you can get support with a call. We will always be happy to assist you. Which is available 24/7.

    The live chat can be opened at any time by clicking on the “Chat”-button. Then put in your name and email, and you will be transferred to a beneficial customer service agent. You can always reach customer support through email or telephone.

    Email: info@exchmarket.com

    Tel: +44-2920093309



    How to create diamond exchange id?


    1. Message Us On WhatsApp Number

    Access the platform via a link provided at https://diamondexchange999.com/. Leave a message, and the partners will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    1. Satisfy Yourself and Collect all the information.

    To create an account, a site executive will ask for information to verify your identity. After an in-depth analysis, you will receive a diamond exchange id via email. This includes username and password.

    Access the diamond exchange admin login and Earn with Your Betting Skills. Hence you are good. Start Depositing & Withdrawing

    What is a diamond exchange?

    It’s India’s No 1 Trusted Online Betting Site​.  You can place an online bet with the help of offline bookies.

    How to bet in the diamond exchange app?

    Start by depositing funds in your diamond exchange betting account.  But, the website helps and supports every bet you make—also, a provision for commission-based work. If you can get 10+ clients every day, the website will provide you with a bonus amount of money.

    How to use the cricket diamond app?

    Diamond exchange website doesn’t have an app. But you can access the platform via a web portal https://k9inr.com/  

    How to login in a diamond exchange app?

    Access the diamond exchange login page. With your diamond exchange master id (username and password), log in to the platform. You can also access diamond exchange admin login and start placing bets.

    How to play diamond exchange app?

    Put some amount of money on an event’s outcome. You can enjoy it but remember the risk of betting. You should not bet like there is no tomorrow. Instead, a certain amount of money should be placed on the bet and make sure that the gamble is fruitful for you.

    Before indulging in any betting activities, consider all the possibilities because if you exceed your limit and lose a considerable amount of money, it will be hard to recover from the loss, but you are the choice maker

    Is diamond exchange for betting?

    Yes, it’s one of the best betting sites in India. You can place bets on every event such as cricket and win big.

    How can you withdraw the money?

    You don’t need to worry about the withdrawal process. You can withdraw your money from anywhere in the world with no fear. You can use any payment gateway service like – GPay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc. All the gateways are secure.