Detailed Guide about Cricket Sessions Betting

When it comes to cricket betting, you will come across many terms and jargons. In order to understand the basics of betting, you need to know what each term means.

One such common phrase with cricket betting is “sessions betting”. You might come across this term on betting sites.

Sessions betting is a type of cricket betting in which you can bet on different sessions of the match. As we know, a cricket match is played by two teams. Each team has to bowl as well as bat.

It is also known as innings. However, innings are further divided into sessions. Cricket sessions betting is very popular in India.

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If you want to learn more about sessions betting in a cricket, follow this guide. We will show you play session betting in cricket along with tips. 

What are Cricket Sessions Betting?

A cricket match is divided into different sessions, i.e. first five overs, last five overs, etc. A session is nothing but the duration of the game. 

In simple terms, a session means the duration of the game. You need to bet on the outcome of the game in a particular session.

For example, the punter will predict how many runs the player will score in the first five overs of the match. You can place bets on the predictions. If the prediction is correct, you will win the sessions bet.

There are many different types of bet in session cricket. You can bet on runs, wickets, and many other things.

Most of the online betting sites provide this betting option. You can simply use the site and bet on the outcome of the session in a cricket match. 

cricket session betting online

There are plenty of options available with cricket session betting. It is more fun to bet on sessions as the results are quick. 22Bet, 10Cric and Fun88 are some of the popular betting sites where you can participate in sessions betting.

Types of Session Cricket Betting Market:

If you want to bet on cricket sessions, you can choose from different types of betting markets. There are pre-match as well as in-play betting markets available. Here are some of the popular session cricket betting market.

  • Fall of 1st Wicket:

You can bet on the prediction of the fall of the next wicket. It is available as a pre-match as well as a live bet. For example, if the predicting on 15.5. You can bet on over or under for the fall of 1st wicket on the match.

  • Fall of Next Wicket:

This another popular betting market. In this bet, you have to again bet on over or under. You need to predict how many runs the team will score before the fall of the next wicket.

  • Team Runs:

In this bet, you need to bet on how many runs a particular team will make in a match session. If you are right, you will win the bet.

  • Next Man Out:

This is a live betting market. In this bet, punters will predict which player will be out next. You need to bet on the outcomes.

  • Batsman Run:

This betting market is very simple. You need to bet on the total number of runs a player will score in a particular session.

  • Runs Made in Next Over:

In this session betting market, you need to bet on how many runs a player will make in the next over.

  • Wicket in Next Over:

It is quite similar to the above betting market. Here, you need to bet if there will be a wicket in the next over.

How to Participate in Cricket Sessions Betting?

If you want to bet on sessions in cricket, we will help you. Follow this step by step guide to learn session cricket betting.

  • Step 1: Sign Up

When it comes to sessions betting, the first thing you need to do is choose a cricket betting site and sign up for an account.

  • Step 2: Deposit Money

After that, you need to deposit money in your account and claim the welcome bonus.

  • Step 3: Choose Cricket Matches

Now, you need to check all the available cricket matches and tournaments. Choose any of the matches you want to bet on.

  • Step 4: Check Betting Categories

In this step, you need to check all the cricket betting categories like accumulator outcomes, regular stats, etc.

  • Step 5: Find Session Betting Market

After that, you need to check all the available sessions betting markets like runs in 1st overs, a wicket in next over, etc.

  • Step 6: Predict Outcome and Place Bet

Lastly, you need to predict the outcome of the session and place the bet. 

Cricket Session Betting Tips:

Sessions betting is fun as you will get instant results. Instead of waiting for the match to get over, you can bet on various session to win quick money. However, you need to follow some time to excel in this type of betting. 

  • Accurate Prediction:

If you are participating in sessions betting, you need to accurately predict the outcome of the session. Don’t bet in haste. Instead, take some time and predict the outcome by streaming a live match and then place the bet.

  • Understand the Bet:

Sessions betting markets can be quite confusing. So you need to understand the bet first. For example, if the bet is a wicket in 1st over. It means you need to bet if a wicket will fall or not. It doesn’t mean how many wickets will fall. So, you need to clearly understand the betting markets first.

  • Research:

You also need to research the match. Choose a match or an event where you have the necessary knowledge about the teams, players and pitch conditions. It will give you an edge over others.

Cricket Sessions Betting FAQ:

What are sessions in cricket betting?

Sessions are nothing but the duration is a cricket match. For example, the first five overs of the match can be one session. Even a single over can be a session.

Why is session betting so popular?

Session betting is very popular because of the uncertainty factor and fast pace betting. 

Which is the best cricket sessions betting site?

22Bet, Fun88 and 10Cric are some of the best betting sites where you can bet on session cricket.