Scope Of Cricket Betting In India

The sport of cricket is deeply ingrained in India and its culture. Cricket is a part of life for many die-hard fans; they wear the team’s colors with pride, catch every televised match, and argue about the sport at their local clubs. Thus, people who know cricket can make money out of betting. Cricket match pe khelo betting and earning a handsome amount of money is both easy and exciting. That is why the cricket betting business has shown tremendous growth in attaining traffic and collecting huge amounts of profits. While cricket has taken the world by storm, some people would argue that it’s not as popular in the US as in Europe and India. However, the US is a major sports destination, and many Americans have started betting on cricket.

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With growing interest among American sports fans and the rising popularity of Cricket Betting India, many companies and websites are trying to beat out their competition to come to the top. However, you will be surprised to hear that millions of people from India bet daily on cricket contributing millions of profit for the bookmakers. Though betting is illegal in India, there is no rule and regulation on online betting; that is why people of India bet on matches comfortably without any stress.

Why Is Cricket Betting Very Famous In India?

Cricket Betting

There are many reasons for this. Cricket is a sport with immense popularity in India, it’s the most-viewed sport on TV, and Indians are the biggest consumers of cricket merchandise globally. The game also provides entertainment during long stretches without much else to occupy one’s time. And with its low cost of entry into betting pools, people don’t have to deal with the financial management problem that often plagues gambling for other games like horse racing or blackjack.

Cricket betting is popular in India because, as discussed in the first part , Indians are great fans of cricket, and they like to bet even on small things that involve cricket. In addition, the Indian Premier League is a big thing these days. With this and many other cricket leagues the people have the opportunity to bet on matches whole year. You will find so many cricket matches going on live on each day to place your bet to earn some money.  Another reason is that you can keep bets or the stakes at the minimum level, and bettors can place bets without any problems.

A few of India’s biggest cricket betting pools include online betting sites and bookmakers or local businesses. Cricket for many Indians is like a religion, and so are bookies. So it’s not surprising that cricket betting is so popular in India. Online cricket betting sites and sportsbooks are becoming more popular in India every day because they usually give lower odds on their bets. They also give the features of live cricket betting and many other features that people can enjoy it from their home.

How Much Business Does Cricket Betting Make In India?

Indian cricket lovers love their cricketers and betting in a game associated with gambling. This has been evident over the years. Up to 8 million people are reported to be involved in this business each year by taking bets on India and other countries matches. A country with a population of 1 billion is being taken hostage by such small percentages, which add up to billions of dollars annually. The revenue generated goes directly into the hands of bookies, which get rich while masses spend hard-earned money that they can ill afford on this activity. India is a known cricket-loving nation, but it is also the hub of betting-related activities, especially cricket gambling.

 The fact that the game has so much fan following and numerous cricket pundits who spend hours analyzing matches and players have made this a lucrative business for bookies. Moreover, with the rapid growth in infrastructure and technology across the country, it is possible for bookies to easily operate from different cities at one time. It is believed that as much as 1 billion dollars are exchanged each year in India on bets taken on these games. As per a recent report, there was an increase of 50% in bets on India during this time. However, the cash collected from betting had risen from Rs 542 crores to Rs 1,115 crores, which is a huge jump.

Top Cricket Betting Platforms In India

One of the most popular sports in the world is cricket. The game has been played for over a century in India, and cricket fans are passionate about their team. The website boasts of having the largest selection of Indian cricket matches is Bet365. It’s not just about betting but also about watching live games as you go through your wagering options. The website has the largest collection of live cricket matches for you to choose from.Bet365 offers a juicy bonus for all new online bettors who choose to sign up with them: a 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit.

 This is in addition to their other promotions that can help you rake in some extra money. You will also get free bets that you can use on any sport you want or your favourite sports team, and it will be risk-free as well. You can access the betting service no matter where you are since a mobile version of their portal is available on the go. You can use this to place your wagers and win and manage your account.

The other competitors in providing India’s best cricket betting experience are Parimatch, Betway and 1xbet. These are the sites that give tough competition to bet365 to attract customers. However, you will find almost the same features on all of the above platforms. The difference is the UI and the customer services they provide to the people of India. So if you haven’t started betting and looking for better platform to do it, then you can choose among the option given above. They all are good website to start betting on cricket matches.