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With the advent of IPL and other cricket leagues and tournaments, most people are looking for options to place bets.
While most of the sports betting site comes with cricket betting options, most of them are not really suitable for cricket.
Instead of focusing on cricket betting markets, they focus on other international sports like soccer and tennis.

In order to bet on cricket matches, you need to choose a betting site that contains all types of cricket matches and tournaments and offers the best cricket betting odds.

One such website is Allow444. Although it is a new betting site, it has become number one in Asia for cricket betting.

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What is Allow444?


It is a sports betting site that mostly focuses on cricket betting. With this betting site, you will be able to bet on all international cricket tournaments, leagues, and matches.

It contains other sports betting options as well, i.e., soccer betting, tennis betting, horse race betting. But the specialty of this site is cricket bets.

You will get the best cricket betting odds on this site. It helps you to win big by taking more risks and putting lesser money at stake. It will help you to place bets on IPL matches as well.

Benefits of Using Allow444 for Cricket Betting:

There are many popular sports betting sites in the market, but Allow444 offers you some of the best cricket betting options. If you are a cricket enthusiast, this platform is perfect for you. Here are some of the benefits of using this site to place bets on cricket.

IPL Betting:

You can use this betting site to bet on IPL matches. It is known for IPL betting. The majority of the people in Asia use this platform for betting on IPL. You will get all the IPL betting options on this site. All you need to do is click on IPL betting. You will be able to see all the odds and rates for teams and matches. 

Multiple Cricket Bets:

Apart from betting on IPL, you will get many other cricket betting options. You will get PSL betting options as well as other international cricket leagues, tournaments, and competitions. It contains multiple cricket bets.

In-Play Betting:

Another benefit of using this site is that you will get the in-play betting option. It will help you to bet on live cricket matches. You can check the in-play option to see the live odds.

Bets History:

When you use this betting site, you can go to the profile option to check your betting history. It will help you to check all the past bets. You will be able to see how many bets you have placed.

Account Statement:

You will also get an account statement for betting. It will help you to check how much money you have put on stake and how much money you have won and lost on betting. It will help you to bet responsibly.


It is a mobile-friendly betting site. You can access this betting site from your phone. It is compatible with all types of phone browsers.