Bet365 Vs Betway: Which Betting Site Is the Best?

Sports betting sites directly connect the bettors with the bookmakers over the internet. It is a platform which bettors can access to place online bets remotely from their home or offices.

You can either use your laptop, desktop, or smartphone for accessing these sites. In short, betting sites are nothing but virtual betting shops and platforms.

Because of this reason, you need to choose the betting site with care. As there are many betting sites available online, you need to compare all the sites and choose the one which is perfect for you.

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Bet365 and Betway are the two most popular betting sites in India. Millions of people use these sites for betting on a daily basis. If you are confused between these sites, we can help you make the right choice.

We are going to compare both sites using various important betting factors. It will help you to choose the perfect betting site as per your requirement.

About Bet365 Betting Site:

It is one of the oldest international betting sites. This platform has been in the market for nearly two decades. It is a legal and licensed betting site with nearly 100 million users. It covers all types of sports including, football, cricket, tennis, horse racing, etc. This site accepts payment in Indian Rupees and is quite popular in India.

About Betway Betting Site:


This is another popular betting site. Betway is an online gambling company which offers online casino games, sports betting platform, etc. It is a licensed and registered company. You can use their betting platform to place bets on different types of sports. It is perfect for the Indian audience as you can deposit as well as withdraw money in INR.

Bet365 Vs Betway: Which Betting Site is the Best?

Now that you know what exactly Bet365 and Betway are let’s compare both the betting platforms to find out which one is better. We are going to take several betting factors into consideration and compare both sites. 

  • Registration Process:

The registration process plays a very important role in choosing a betting site. Bet365 offers a simple registration process where you need to enter personal and contact details to set up your profile. Compared to other sites, the process is time-consuming as you have to create an ID and security Pin. 

The registration process for Betway is quite similar to Bet365. However, it is more trustworthy and transparent because you need to enter your PAN details. Your name on the profile should match your ID. Although it is time-consuming, it is more secure.

  • Sports Coverage:

With Bet365, you will get many different types of sports to bet on. It covers all the cricket leagues. You can bet on international as well as domestic sports. On top of that, you can bet on international horse racing events as well.

Betway also covers different types of sports including, American Football, Table Tennis, E-Sports, UFC, Golf, etc. You can also bet on football, cricket, horse racing as well as tennis.

  • Payment Methods:

Bet365 covers all the major payment methods like Neteller, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, UPI, PhonePe, etc.

Betway covers UPI payment, Net Banking, Visa, Neteller, Skrill, etc. However, with a UPI deposit, you need to provide proof of payment which can be time-consuming.

  • Types of Markets:

With Bet365, you will get the best variety of horse race betting markets. Apart from that, it provides decent markets for other sports.

As for Betway, you will get the best variety of markets for most of the sports. You will get high betting odds for IPL as well as horse race betting. It is of the highlights of Betway.

  • Welcome Bonus:

Bet365 provides 15% bonus. You can enjoy a 15% bonus of up to INR 4000. You will get this bonus in the form of bet credits. The welcome bonus is not as attractive as other sites.

Betway offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to INR 2500. The bonus amount is not as good as other sites. Bet365 provides a better bonus for first timer users.

  • Betting Site Features:

With Bet365, you can enjoy some of the exclusive features like bet builder, live bet builder, etc. It will help you to improve your odds. You can also enjoy live streaming and many other features.

With Betway, you will get the bet builder feature along with Betway Boost. Apart from that, you will also get a live bet builder feature.

  • User-Interface:

Both the site offers quite similar user-interface and design. Both the sites are simple and easy to use with quick navigation and controls. Even though there are many sports options on both sites, the design makes it simple to access.

  • Mobile Application:

Bet365 does not offer a mobile app for the Indian audience. Instead, they offer mobile website. However, Betway offers a robust mobile app for android as well as IOS devices. 

  • Live Betting:

With Bet365, you can enjoy the live betting option. It helps you to bet on players, scores, and many other factors. You can also see the live graphics.

Betway also provides live betting options for popular sports like cricket, football, tennis, etc. However, there is no proper live streaming facility.

  • Customer Support:

Both the sites offer customer support. You will get FAQs as well as a live chat option. However, customer support is easily available withBet365 compared to Betway. 

Final Verdict:

Bet365, as well as Betway, offers quite similar services and features. However, Bet365 offers exciting offers and provides multiple payment options. As for Betway, they have some of the best betting features and offers a mobile app as well. However, Bet365 is more apt for Indian users with its extensive offers, payment methods and customer support.


Which betting site is safer?

Both the betting sites are safe to use. However, Betway is more transparent and trustworthy as you have to register your PAN details as well.

Can you use Bet365 on your phone?

Even though Bet365 does not offer a mobile app for betting, you can still use their website on your phone as it is mobile friendly.

Which betting site is good for cricket betting?

Both the site offers the best-betting markets for cricket. However, you can enjoy better odds for IPL with Betway.